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    Wicked Sisters


    Those reading may not be aware, but I have been blessed with the best D/s Family that I could ever ask for.
    My Mother Dearest, the legendary Domina Angelina. Her protegee Goddess Soma Snakeoil, and Goddess’ mentee, Lady Lilith Scoprius. Together we are 4 generations of professional Dominatrices, and only the tip of the ice burg of the prestigious Servitus F/family that goes back many years and includes several of the most experienced and respected members of Alternative, BDSM and Leather communities around the world.

    Training traditionally in the dark arts of BDSM within my F/family has been an honor and SO MUCH fun.
    This blog space will be the perfect place to share our adventures going forward, as well as another avenue to be announced later..

      Speaking of adventures.

      My Domme sister Lady Lilith and I are now available for double alternative therapeutic sessions.
    Contact Me for details if you feel our magic already at work and you are interested in joining Our sacred Goddess rituals.

    This spell is only the beginning.

    – Madame Skin


    Milk for Queen Kitty

    Hello world.

    I had the divine pleasure of shooting portraits with legend photographer Mark Dektor recently with Milk, a gorgeous model that I met while performing during Demask Latex‘s fashion show at the annual Los Angeles Bondage Ball.

    Since I created this blog with the intention of being able to share with you all whatever I want, whenever I want, I figured what other perfect way to break it in than with this fun little scene that I shared with Milk one sunny (and sweaty) summer afternoon while I was squeezed into a Demask leotard.

    I do hope that you like the photos as much as we enjoyed shooting them.



    – Madame Skin