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My Realm, My Rules.

Sensual. Stern.

My passions have always lay in the art of tease. Something intensely draws me to it. From studying vintage burlesque, exotic dance and the BDSM world, I became completely enamored. Mystery is everything. I revel in taking control of someone by embodying an alluring succubus. This hunger led me into a career in classic art nude modeling at first, followed by  the Fetish Modeling scene in London, frequenting clubs like the iconic Torture Garden as often as I could, and immersing myself in the culture with dear, like minded, devious friends. Embracing Kink became a fierce passion, considering that I had been welcomed into the most fascinating, free spirited and accepting communities of the world. 

My desire to try just about everything that excited me gave me vast experience. I have learned extensively from the bottom up what it takes to not only be an enigmatic and capable Dominant, but a well mannered yet.. hungry submissive. Proper training and guidance is paramount to this. I have been lucky to have been trained, formally and informally by some of the best Dominants in the Pro world as well as in the lifestyle, hedonists who enjoy living completely in the thick of it. Most notably my Mentor Domina Angelina, prominent member of the Leather, Fetish and Alt Body Mod communities, Matriarch of the D/s family Servitus, and my beloved Mother Dearest in all things that feed that soul.

I believe in pushing the envelope in what it means to be subservient to a Dominant Queen.  I want to revel in being wined & dined, pampered with devotion or served to my benefit until I feel inspired to make our mutual perversions come to fruition. You must work for it, pet.



My other interests span from singing, art, museum visits, live music, photography.. I am a born creative, and I enjoy incorporating that into my work as a Domina.

All those entrusted into My care are richly rewarded.

I know what I like, do you?

Currently enjoying a High Protocol lifestyle while immersing Myself in music, art and general mischief.

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